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LEEP Solutions offers consulting, partnership and development services to help business innovators become enterprise leaders.

Blockchain designs have experienced many iterations of familiar patterns, resulting in common limitations. These limitations need to be creatively surpassed with a standard setting infrastructure in order to achieve sustainable metrics.

Entering the Data Economy

LEEP Technology adds the necessary veracity and versatility to data. This makes the promise of the Data Economy a reality.

Our vision of Data Economy enables participants to buy or sell access to any data. Ideally, the rights to resell the data will be included in the fee, with the indexing, mapping, delivery and context included as a markup fee. This vision requires many changes to multiple industries, but providing the necessary infrastructure and solutions is critical for initial adoption. Many worthwhile projects were not possible because gathered data was not accessible. This Data problem can be solved through appropriate pricing in a Data Economy.

LEEP Data Marketplace

Our initial features to jumpstart the economy will include

Database Connectors

Query Cost Estimates

Pay by Query

Pay by Data Size

Optional Encrypted Date

Authoirzation Tokens

GDPR compliant flexible storage

The data can be siloed or shared:
  • LEEP enables you to take control of your data The data can be siloed, shared or permissioned:
  • Publish database to Blockchain (MB to GB instead of bytes to kilobytes)
  • Publish index to Blockchain (pointers to records, with an external map)
  • Gateway to unpublished database (GB, TB or PB of data)
  • Gateway to external protocol or database (relay a request to DICOM, MERS, FIX, etc)
  • Privacy in storage, transit and delivery

We are discussing with partners:

  • Index Obfuscation
  • Shamir Secret Sharing
  • Record Bloom Filter Query

Revenue models can be focused around selling data directly, selling append to data, selling modifications to previously published data, query results, and many more creative ideas depending on the business in question.

Blockchain Plugins & Marketplace

B2B Cloud Services, Chat applications, document sharing, records sharing and other software solutions could become consumers or producers of data for the LEEP Network. Plugins can be built for different applications and services to be sold by LEEP on our marketplace. Revenue models can be based on data access, monthly subscription, purchase order, assigned credits or direct sales.

Gateway Development

Network nodes can participate as Gateways, selling access to data or receiving transaction. Plugins running as nodes to substantial historic or live data can participate as Data Gateways. Other protocols can be mapped to LEEP Network queries, with fees charged as markup to the transaction, or with external authorization tokens.

Software Development

Software licenses can be extremely restrictive and expensive. To comply with proprietary licenses, LEEP is signing licensing arrangements with variety of vendors to provide seamless data integration. LEEP Solutions is making the necessary license agreements and partnerships to provide data portability to enterprise and cloud based systems. If direct purchasing is required, we will share software license compliance research.

Certified Consultants

LEEP Solutions will consult businesses on implementing LEEP’s technology, thereby co-building the high-value companies of the future. Our consultants are highly skilled in implementing LEEP’s technology and have extensive experience in consulting.

By using our consultants, companies can bear the fruit of LEEP’s advanced and sophisticated technology, without the need for internal knowledge on these matters. Implementing LEEP’s technology will benefit companies on both financial and sustainability aspects and we will jointly research areas where the utmost value can be added.

Partnerships & Adoption

We are providing discounted rates, extra assistance, MVP development and more services for early adoption. If you are interested in discussing how LEEP Solutions can help your company join the LEEP Network as a node operator, gateway, plugin developer, software vendor or certification partner, please fill out the form

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