LEEP Foundation

The LEEP Foundation is occupied with the governance of LEEP Network.

LEEP Foundation provides a globally governed foundation with the primary goal of the foundation is ensuring longevity and healthy governance of Leep. Besides, Leep Foundation also govern the Leep Sustainability & Research Alliance.


The LEEP Foundation has a strong governance foundation based of the principle that LEEP should be a democratically governed project, but at the same time educated decisions should be made and the stakeholders should have a say. We believe that a fine balance between influence, self interest, power and the interest of the LEEP ecosystem as a whole provides the best possible foundation for reaching the mutual goals of LEEP foundation, Alliance and its members.


Blockchain Plugins & Marketplace

B2B Cloud Services, Chat applications, document sharing, records sharing and other software solutions could become consumers or producers of data for the LEEP Network. Plugins can be built for different applications and services to be sold by  LEEP on our marketplace. Revenue models can be based on data access, monthly subscription, purchase order, assigned credits or direct sales.

Gateway Development

Network nodes can participate as Gateways, selling access to data or receiving transaction. Plugins running as nodes to substantial historic or live data can participate as Data Gateways. Other protocols can be mapped to LEEP Network queries with fees charged as markup to the transaction or with external authorization tokens.

Board of Directors

The board of directors will be tiered with the first tier inhibiting 21 slots for voting rights. The second tier would be companies who pay for voting access memebership – which is not foundation voting, but for proposing things into the governance. The third tier is a membership for abenefits but not voting rights. These are organizations that can directly purchase tokens from the foundation, can join action/deevlopment groups (or working groups) and includes DAG Tagging. The employees of the foundation are responsible to implement what is voted in actions.

Leep Foundation Board will meet 1 or 4 times per year, make the minimum amount of necessary decisions, have minimal direct operations, but a lot of influence. They are able to vote to replace the governance contract*, or they need to abide it. If the governance contract is to be replaced, then it needs a huge upswell of support to do so, and a very clear reason – it should be about the survival of Leep Network the details of this process will be released at a later stage.

The Second Tier are able to select and propose items to vote on. Anyone can propose ideas, but idea are only voted on if they have merit. The Second Tier is also able to propose directly, using their terms. The foundation can and should suggest alternate wording, btu it would be the decision of Second Tier members what the final wording will be. The Leep solutions Company is a second tier member. Leep solutions company should probably also be a board member, where they can vote (by stock) to insert (as a company) information for consideration.

*The LEEP network itself has a governance smart contract where the rules of the network lie, when referred to the governance contract it is this contract that is referred to.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory board has the task of ensuring that the board of directors execute the charter, in other words that their work is in line with the foundation goals.


The LEEP alliance aims to connect businesses with mutual goals. These goals can be sustainability based or technology based and includes specific working groups that aim to tackle specific issues. Being part of the LEEP sustainability alliance gives close access to working with other industry leading companies as well as LEEP solutions. Working this closely with the core of the ecosystem makes companies able to make sure that LEEP meets their needs.

Working Groups

An important part of the LEEP research and sustainability alliance is the ability to join the alliance as part of certain working groups. The working groups ensure that businesses that aim to tackle similar issues can reduce costs of development and take part of the LEEP innovation as well as connect with other members to explore synergies. The working groups will give better terms to work together with Leep solutions, when the need for certified consultants arises.

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