Foundation Governed Funds

We recognize that innovative technology has the power to help forge a positive future.

Sustainable Development

We aim to help other sustainable projects on our network flourish. Our goal is to provide a constant revenue stream that will ensure network growth whilst aiding viable use cases connected to our network. A percentage of network transaction fees will be allocated to the fund, then donated to candidate projects building on our network using a sound governance model.

Infrastructure for Ecological Innovation

A Concious Vantage.

A Sustainable Economy.

A Purposeful Vision.

The LEEP Incubator is a mechanism designed to aid, help fund, and provide resources to software solutions geared towards sustainability.
LEEP intends to allocate fractions of network transaction fees accrued through our network economy and donate parts of the proceeds to feasible and impactful software solutions built on our network.

"Leveraging our Technology to Enable Change."

Design Philosophy

Blockchain designs have experienced many iterations of familiar patterns, resulting in common limitations. These limitations need to be creatively surpassed with a standard setting infrastructure in order to achieve sustainable metrics.

Our Vision

We are ambitious. We implement a symphony of technical implementations and features that will enable global impact. We intend to set a standard in technological solutions for the benefit of the environment and human experience.

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