Community Update #1

Dear LEEP community,

Exciting times at LEEP. There’s a lot of important news we want to share with you. From now on we will publish regular community updates to keep the LEEP community informed on all the latest business developments at LEEP.  

At LEEP we think a periodic third party assessment is healthy. Recently we got assessed by a major third party. Following their recommendations we spent the last months on fine tuning our business direction, working on our MVP, building a stronger team, work on our marketing and started a private equity round. All this has resulted in stronger fundamentals for LEEP.

LEEP business ecosystem

LEEP will enable a true data economy enabling businesses to extract the true value of its data.

Currently everyone at LEEP is busy building the LEEP ecosystem. This ecosystem is necessary to be able to deliver on our mission: collect, deliver and process trustless data to facilitate a deep data economy with smart contracts and connected big data, in order to build efficient and purposeful business solutions. The LEEP ecosystem consists of four pillars:

Click on the links above to find out more about the different pillars. For more information you can check our brand new one-pager at the bottom of this page.

Marketing: New logo, new website

You may have already noticed that LEEP ‘looks’ quite a bit different than before. We did a complete overhaul of our visual identity, resulting in a brand new logo and a fresh new website. We welcome you to take a look at this new website full of information about LEEP:

Team: New hirings

We are happy to announce that we recently strengthened the LEEP team with three very talented professionals:

Vincent McLeese: Vincent is a blockchain consultant within Accenture’s Tech Advisory practice with a strong passion for DLT/Blockchain. Vincent obtained a MSc Financial Economics from HEC Paris after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (History & Chinese) with distinction. Vincent is involved with several blockchain projects for both large companies as well as smaller initiatives, in which his specialty is technical architecture. Vincent is a native English and Dutch speaker, and is  proficient in Mandarin Chinese.

Eric Antonio Rangel: Eric is a blockchain and web developer with over 10 years’ experience in software development. He worked on several blockchain teams like Elastos and Vitae, in which he  was involved in core and GUI work.

Amit Kumar: Amit has 8 years of experience in C++ and go-lang. He is experienced in concurrent programming with Deep technical understanding of Go.

For more information about our team you can visit our team page.

Team: New Advisors

Henry Wild: Business consultant, IPO advisor, Member Crypto Valley Association and former CEO and chairman of the board of Softwired AG.

Bart Brands: Chair of the European Blockchain Foundation, ex-politician, serial entrepreneur and Cyber Security expert.

Business development: New partnerships

European Blockchain Foundation: The EBF is a connective tissue between governments, businesses and societies in Blockchain related matters. LEEP already visited the Dutch parliament with EBF and its members to discuss blockchain and regulation.

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences: The Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is based in the Netherlands. Zuyd University is an open knowledge institute where professionals in every phase of their development cross the borders of disciplines and organizations to collaborate on the transfer, development, and application of high-quality, practically-oriented knowledge. Zuyd University helps LEEP with blockchain research, developing new use cases and building solutions.


MOBI Grand Challenge: On February the 14th LEEP was invited to BMW’s HQ in Munich to attend the MOBI Automotive Grand Challenge. It was a day full of inspiration and great new ideas. We want to congratulate the winners of the challenge stage one: Chorus Mobility, Oaken Innovations Fraunhofer & NUcypher/NICS. More info about the MOBI Grand Challenge event.

Davos World Economic Forum & Blockchain Economic Forum: between 24th and 26th of January LEEP visited the Davos World Economic Forum & Blockchain Economic Forum. It was a very interesting event, the strong themes for this year’s WEF were climate change, the environment and earth’s ecosystem, plastic pollution and corporate social responsibility along with the burgeoning technology of blockchain and how it might be harnessed in service of these issues. We were very impressed by Sir David Attenborough’s passionate presentation on global warming, in which he referred to the end of the Garden of Eden as we know it within his lifetime… he is 92 years old!.

LEEP advisor Henry Wild was fortunate enough to speak personally with Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old Swedish environmental activist. Greta is a champion for this cause and a lightning rod for the younger generation who look on in horror at the state of the planet that we adults (and their parents) are leaving for them.

The UN SDG seminars were highly visible and discussed extensively the roadmap and metrics needed as a blueprint for companies and individuals to follow if we are to see significant change in our drive towards sustainability and global responsibility. The SDG will be updated to include such metrics for business and Government to follow. Our presence in Davos strengthened our conviction about the absolute necessity of LEEP.

LEEP Onepager: more info about LEEP

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