LEEP partners with European Blockchain Foundation (EBF)

LEEP is honored to announce that we recently became a partner of the European Blockchain Foundation (EBF), thereby joining  the list of partners that will help to create a blockchain friendly ecosystem in Europe. As kick-off, LEEP was invited to visit the Dutch Parliament alongside EBF and some partners to discuss blockchain regulations within the Netherlands.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to welcome the chair of the European Blockchain Foundation, Bart Brands, as our advisor! As chair of EBF and ex-politician with extensive blockchain and security knowledge, we are confident in his added value for LEEP and a beneficial long term cooperation. Welcome Bart!

About EBF

The EBF is a connective tissue between governments, businesses and societies in Blockchain related matters. For more information, please visit https://www.europeanblockchainfoundation.org/.

About LEEP

LEEP collects, delivers and processes trustless data to facilitate a deep data economy with smart contracts and connected big data. Its unique and elegant network design sets the standard for efficient and purposeful business solutions.

LEEP Technology

LEEP is a scalable, secure, ACID-compliant Smart Contract platform for Sustainable Business. Our truly unique approach and implementations of various technologies have led us to the creation of a network infrastructure that actually works for business, while blockchain technologies thus far have had limitations and impediments.

LEEP has focused on the pitfalls that stand in the way of mass adoption of this technology, and we provide a platform that is flexible for integration and 100% Solidity compatible, with upgradable smart contracts and fortified security. We encourage, aid, and support the development of feasible software solutions that address issues that intend to improve the global ecology and the human experience.

LEEP: The Necessary Blockchain Infrastructure for Business and Sustainability

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