LEEP joins Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)

Malta, October 5th 2018, LEEP announced today that it has joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), a nonprofit organization working with forward thinking companies, governments, and NGOs to make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener, safer, and less congested.

MOBI and partners, including many renowned firms like, BMW, General Motors, Groupe Renault, Bosch, and other innovative companies, seek to improve mobility services by promoting standards and accelerating adoption of blockchain, distributed ledger related technologies.

The unique and innovative architecture of LEEP can provide valuable contributions to its forward thinking partners. It’s truly scalable nature employs an Directed Acyclic Graph with closure, and mechanisms for performance and immutability including upgradable smart contracts, time-synchronized block creation, and ACID compliant data storage to handle large data sets and transactions.

LEEP supports sustainable business practices. In our vision, technology can enable such critical advancements, but there are areas of needed improvement. Leep Network’s focus is perfectly compatible with the mission of MOBI to make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener, safer, and less congested.

“We are proud to be a member of the MOBI community and their forward thinking allies that want to make a valuable impact in the mobility industry. We are also excited to contribute to the community by sharing our technology and its inherent properties that can be utilized for mobility.”

Casper Arntzen, CEO & partner LEEP

For more information about MOBI, visit: https://www.dlt.mobi

About LEEP

Leep Network is an ACID compliant Distributed Ledger Technology focused on scalability, security, and making blockchain work for business and ecological innovation. We provide technological infrastructure for large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, developers, and strategic partners.

LEEP is founded by a collective of individuals who believe that decentralized self-governance and financial transparency are essential ingredients for today’s financial, technological, and social platforms. We are creating an algorithmically structured and user-governed currency and an application platform that supports business and world-changing sustainable technology.

LEEP: The Necessary Blockchain Infrastructure for Business and Sustainability

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