The Necessary Blockchain Infrastructure for Business and Sustainability.

Why Necessary?

In order to shape a more sustainable future, the need for a deep data economy exists. We believe that blockchain will enable businesses and institutions to play a crucial role in surmounting the very clear societal, financial and environmental challenges we face globally. However,  the technology hasn’t yet reached its full potential. It is often costly, too slow and not suitable for B2B.

The Need for LEEP

LEEP collects, delivers and processes trustless data to facilitate a deep data economy with  upgradable smart contracts and connected big data solutions.  Its unique and elegant network design sets the standard for efficient and purposeful business solutions.

LEEP Technology

Build smarter, more secure, and trusted supply chain networks with powerful protocol solutions catered to your specific industry use cases.

Next Generation Enterprise Data Enablement

LEEP will enable the next generation of data usage within companies covering a broad range of currently available applications.

No More Private Ledger

LEEP allows your enterprise to keep the benefits of having a private network, without having one.

Real Time Monitoring and Reports

LEEP unlocks the true value of data in real-time by indexing it to allow high-performance and instant queries.

Seamless and Expandable Integration

The gateways and plugins LEEP develop enable your current system and protocol to integrate with LEEP at ease.


LEEP enables a large degree of automation, especially if combined with additional logic.

GDPR Compliant Flexible Storage

LEEP enables you to take control of your data. The data can be siloed, shared or permissioned.

Improved Workflows and Efficiency

Using public private key cryptography, LEEP enables Unprecedented access control resulting in better and more secure workflows.


LEEP is highly resistant to major attacks without relying on hash power resources or amount of tokens staked. LEEP provides secure privacy in storage, transit, and delivery of data with unprecedented security.

The LEEP Ecosystem

Explore the LEEP Ecosystem, which forms the backbone of what we are.  Each pillar plays an integral part in completing our mission.

Leep Foundation

Leep Technology

Leep Solutions

Leep Fund

What's New

Stay tuned to the latest updates for LEEP


Meet the Team

Ian Smith

Ian Smith


Ian has a savant level Systems Theory and has been an agile Programmer for 20 years in 20 languages.

Vincent Mcleese

Vincent Mcleese

Chief Strategy Officer

Vincent is a blockchain consultant within Accenture’s Tech Advisory practice with a strong passion for DLT/Blockchain.

Martijn Van De                             Weerdt

Martijn Van De Weerdt

Chief Operating Officer

Martijn is as a Technology Consultant at Accenture in which he focuses blockchain and RegTech.

William Schlecht, PH.D

William Schlecht, PH.D

Technology Specialist

William Schlecht has a diverse STEM background which includes over 6 years of research and teaching STEM courses at colleges

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